Over 30 Years of Industry Experience

Since 1983, the KLEANZ Family of Services has been the industry standard in food safety execution. Over the years, our award-winning innovations have enhanced the sanitation and maintenance execution of global, regional, and emerging food and beverage manufacturers. 

Our clients rely on our industry-seasoned team for complete, and uniquely configurable solutions to their needs. 

Our offerings were created and are currently supported by food safety experts with extensive careers in food and beverage manufacturing. The commitment to keeping clients audit-ready every day has been our driving force and has helped us evolve to accommodate the latest needs of manufacturers. 

The Nexcor team includes highly experienced food
manufacturing professionals with over 300 years of combined
experience in the industry.

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KLEANZ is Trusted by Many Brands Worldwide

Our clients include the largest food and beverage companies worldwide, as well as many regional operations. The Nexcor headquarters is located in the Metro Atlanta area.