Every day, agriculture growers and processors work diligently to bring safe, quality products to the masses—and the KLEANZ Family of Services is there to support them. We offer solutions that run on devices that are weatherproof, safe, and ready to withstand tough production conditions.

Our products are built to satisfy the unique needs of Agriculture. This includes regulatory compliance, having an accessible, real-time audit trail, and mitigating food safety risks throughout the entire manufacturing process from “farm to fork”, and more.

The KLEANZ Family of Services can handle it.

  • Land Management
  • Weather
  • Government mandates and regulations
  • Trade Policies and Supply and Demand
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Separation of Raw vs. Finished product
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Recalls

The Multi-Award Winning KLEANZ Mobile Solution

Taking it to the plant floor. That is where the action is. With KLEANZ Mobile, tasks may be assigned and reviewed directly on mobile devices. Paperlessly create detailed corrective actions with photos during inspections and self-audits. Get your data in real-time!