Nexcor Food Safety Technologies Hires Daniel Yohannes

Former Food Safety Manager Brings Expertise to Deployment Team

October 1, 2019, Buford, GA – In their latest series of hires Nexcor Technologies is proud to announce that Daniel Yohannes has been hired as a Deployment Specialist. Yohannes boasts an impressive career in food manufacturing, primarily in the Quality, Food Safety, and Regulatory arena, that spans 23 years. He started in meat processing and later progressed into Food Safety Auditing. He also spent a significant number of years in the baking and confectionery industries. Prior to joining Nexcor Technologies, Yohannes spent 4 years leading the QFSR team at Eagle Foods. He is a trained Food Safety Auditor, SQF Practitioner, and is PCQI and HACCP certified. Daniel brings a plethora of experiences and knowledge to the Nexcor Deployment Team and works to ensure the successful implementation of the KLEANZ Food Safety and Sanitation Management solution across a broad range of clients. He is currently training under Don Ritter, Nexcor’s long-time Director of Managed Services.

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