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KLEANZ Family of Services

The KLEANZ Family of Services is a comprehensive set of software tools designed to encompass all Food Safety Compliance, Sanitation Management, and Maintenance Management…

  • Actions
  • Documentation
  • Information

…and empower your team to fully verify, validate, and manage resources for anything that affects or intends to affect Food Safety and Maintenance within your operation.

Three Food Safety Workers Facing the Camera with Arms Crossed, in Black Tiled Room

KLEANZ Food Safety and Sanitation Management

Everything Food Safety in One Place, In Real-Time.

The three major levels of functionality:

1) Data Collection Tool On the Plant Floor—The KLEANZ Mobile iOS/Android App is used to perform inspections, schedule and log work tasks, and record any non-conformances in real-time.

On the mobile devices, managers can assign work and review trends such as man-hours or completion percentages. Users can view their assigned work tasks, the SSOPs, any necessary directions, and more.

2) A Real-Time Data Repository—The KLEANZ Desktop application is a repository for all Food Safety documentation and can trend data into reports for informed decision making.

3) Reporting and Tracking—KLEANZ Connect automates connectivity and workflows between KLEANZ and all other systems. This capability creates a “dialogue” between your KLEANZ data and tools like…

  • Environmental sensors
  • Payroll
  • ERPs
  • CMMS

…for optimum transparency. KLEANZ Connect aggregates data into dashboards with automatic reporting and alerts of non-compliance.

Food Sanitation Worker in Industrial Food Manufacturing Plant

CAMS-PM Maintenance Management

Automate, Control, Simplify

CAMS-PM is the only CMMS designed for food and beverage manufacturers and accounts for the nuance of food production. The system helps operations achieve maximum production capacity and efficiency in the most cost-effective way. Minimizing unscheduled downtime is the focus and CAMS-PM can:

  • Trigger preventive maintenance actions automatically
  • Integrate with IIoT systems
  • Drive material inventory and resource management
  • Complete document management
  • Align with corporate initiatives for best practices


Features CAMS-PM
Mobile and Paperless X
Routine Work Orders X
Planned Maintenance/Unplanned Maintenance X
Routine Task Checkboxes X
Action Job Request X
Ability to Take Pictures X
IIoT Sensor Triggers X
Lost Line Time Tracking X
Parts Inventory X
Interfaces with ERPs X
Reports / Cost per Equip Reports X
History Check X
Training Tracking X

KLEANZ Swab Connect

The latest addition to the KLEANZ Family of Services streamlines ATP swabbing and microbiological risk mitigation through a robust feature set that incorporates heat mapping and data aggregation tools. This solution tracks and trends swabbing data for reporting, operational efficiency, and financial efficiency.

You can’t fix what isn’t measured.”

KLEANZ Swab Connect works in conjunction with several of the largest, global ATP swab manufacturers to:

  • Automate scheduling and alerting
  • Aggregate dashboards
  • Assign real-time corrective actions
  • Drive root cause analysis

Food Sanitation Worker Reviewing Report On Tablet Next To Conveyor of Pretzels

The Multi-Award Winning KLEANZ Mobile Solution

Taking it to the plant floor. That is where the action is. With KLEANZ Mobile, tasks may be assigned and reviewed directly on mobile devices. Paperlessly create detailed corrective actions with photos during inspections and self-audits. Get your data in real-time!