The KLEANZ Family of Services helps manufacturers achieve compliance with all major standards and certifications. KLEANZ ensures that the right documentation is easily accessible and complete—regardless of the regulatory body or specific audit.

The KLEANZ Family of Services ensures that all work is verified and validated before completion. This creates and maintains complete audit trails for 3rd party, internal, and corporate auditing purposes.

Our expert team members are available 24/7, 365 for audit preparation and assistance.

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Compliant Allergen Changeovers: Ensuring Food Safety and Compliance with KLEANZ

In today's increasingly diverse food market, manufacturers must adhere to strict allergen control measures to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. Allergen changeovers can be a challenging aspect of food production, but with the right guidance and tools, you can effectively manage these transitions. For over three decades, the KLEANZ Family of Services has been the trusted partner for food and beverage manufacturers seeking the highest standards in food safety and sanitation.


The Importance of Allergen Changeovers:

Allergen changeovers refer to the process of transitioning from one product to another on the same production line, with different allergen profiles. Proper allergen changeovers are essential to prevent cross-contamination, protect consumers, and maintain regulatory compliance. Manufacturers that fail to effectively manage allergen changeovers can face product recalls, legal liability, and damage to their brand reputation.


Aspects of Allergen Changeover Management:

  1. Risk Assessment: Assess the allergenic ingredients used in your production facility, identify potential sources of cross-contamination, and prioritize allergen control measures.
  2. SOP Development: Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for allergen changeovers, including cleaning and sanitation protocols (included in the Master Sanitation Schedule), staff training, and documentation requirements.
  3. Verification and Validation: Regularly verify that procedures are being followed wherever and whenever cleaning or sanitation is involved. Validate the allergen changeover procedures are appropriate and effective through testing, monitoring, and alignment with SOPs.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and update your allergen changeover procedures based on new information, regulatory changes, or internal findings.


How KLEANZ Can Help:

The KLEANZ Family of Services offers comprehensive and configurable solutions to support all aspects of food safety and sanitation management including your allergen changeover needs. Our industry-seasoned team provides the following benefits:

  1. Expert Guidance: With extensive experience in food and beverage manufacturing, our food safety experts can help you develop and implement effective allergen changeover protocols tailored to your facility's unique needs.
  2. Cutting-Edge Tools: Our award-winning innovations, such as our KLEANZ Family of Services, enable seamless management of allergen changeover documentation, scheduling, and monitoring, ensuring you always remain audit-ready.
  3. Ongoing Support: Our commitment to keeping our clients audit-ready every day means that we'll be there to help you adapt to new regulations, address emerging allergen concerns, and continuously ensure a complete audit trail.

Effectively managing allergen changeovers is critical to maintaining a safe and compliant food production environment. With the support of the KLEANZ Family of Services, you can be confident that your allergen control measures are robust, reliable, and tailored to your unique needs. To learn more about how KLEANZ can help you master allergen changeovers and ensure the highest standards of food safety, contact us today.

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