Brand Protection

Your customers rely on consistent, quality product. Protect your reputation as a safe and dependable vendor with the help of KLEANZ food safety and sanitation management.

A tarnished reputation is a hard thing to win back. Now more than ever, because we are amidst a pandemic, customers notice food safety. Recovering from a food recall is expensive—it involves direct costs such as recall management and customer reimbursement, but also the indirect costs of reputation damage and loss of future sales.

Mitigate the risks to your operations before a recall sways consumer confidence or does financial harm. 

KLEANZ helps manufacturers create a standardized food safety program across all facilities with well-defined expectations and data-driven decision-making. Individual facilities and corporate-level management can track performance over time with intuitive Dashboards.

Stay Informed & Take Action

  • Task Completion Percentages
  • Corrective Actions
  • Inspections
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • KPIs
  • And More

Forklift Carrying Brown Boxes in Manufacturing Plant

The Multi-Award Winning KLEANZ Mobile Solution

Taking it to the plant floor. That is where the action is. With KLEANZ Mobile, tasks may be assigned and reviewed directly on mobile devices. Paperlessly create detailed corrective actions with photos during inspections and self-audits. Get your data in real-time!