Risk Mitigation

Ensuring your brand, reputation, and food safety risks are always mitigated is where we excel. Our goal is to help your team recognize and correct non-compliances to prevent recalls, excel at audits, and keep your customers safe.

KLEANZ helps food safety and sanitation departments Verify, Validate, and Manage Resources every day with real-time reporting right from the plant floor.

Our team consistently monitors our partners’ food safety, sanitation, and maintenance management systems for alignment with facility and corporate goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We bring real-life skills and an understanding of day-to-day manufacturing to the table.

Consistent reviews with decision-makers are standard practices for tracking system performance and accurate data entry.

The KLEANZ Family of Services is ready for the unknown:

  • Regular training to prevent gaps in user knowledge
  • Training plans for new users
  • Advanced compliance monitoring of all systems
  • Collaborative corporate planning

Helping optimize operations from documentation through execution and every step in between is our expertise.

KLEANZ is the only complete food safety solution that keeps all food safety and sanitation management information in one place in real-time. KLEANZ focuses on documenting and tracking all food safety/sanitation actions, mitigating risk, and continuous improvement according to corporate requirements.

All documentation and data collection is easily accessible in one repository for audit purposes and to make improvements according to data trends over time.

KLEANZ has alerting features and interfaces with sensors and other IIoT devices for proactive automation.

Female and Male Food Safety Workers Inspecting Production Area

The Multi-Award Winning KLEANZ Mobile Solution

Taking it to the plant floor. That is where the action is. With KLEANZ Mobile, tasks may be assigned and reviewed directly on mobile devices. Paperlessly create detailed corrective actions with photos during inspections and self-audits. Get your data in real-time!